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The Best Damn Poll In The Land: Week 5

I was heartbroken this week so the poll is late. I still love CFB, but this was a bitter pill to swallow. Still, we all have a duty to this poll and I won't slack on mine.
  1. Louisiana State - LW 1 - Defense didn't look great against MSU. Gets a bye week before the huge game in the Swamp with the Gators. Game has lost some of its luster, but if LSU wins it, they will be looking good for back to back championships.
  2. Alabama - LW 7 - Most impressive team in the nation so far this season. I did not have them in my top 25 this season and they have proved me wrong and added an exclamation point to it with how they flat out dominated UGA. I don't think they go undefeated, but the West is going to be a great battle this year in the SEC.
  3. Oklahoma - LW 3 - I definitely think OU is one of the best teams in the nation, but I still want to see them play a legitimate team. Baylor is better, but they don't count. I'm not buying the hype on this team until I see them against top competition.
  4. Texas  - LW 6 - Looked great against Arkansas, but who hasn't. I think Texas might be the best team in the Big12 this year. We'll see in a couple weeks at the Red River Shootout.
  5. Southern California - LW 2 -USC is not invincible, duh. People who had that attitude are now bailing on USC. However for those who had a rational view on them won't be so hasty, as USC is still one of the elite teams in the country. Oregon State just played out of their minds and took advantages of breaks when they go them. Who would have thought Orgeon State would be the OSU to upset the Trojans before the season? However, USC does need to fix it's run defense as that is the most troubling aspect of the game to me.
  6. Missouri - LW 8 - I still think this team is overrated. They can do a little bit to dispel the notion against the Cornhuskers this weekend, but Nebraska is still rebuilding. Missouri is top 10, but not a national title contender in my mind.
  7. Penn State - LW 12 - Probably the second most impressive team in the nation when considering just performance and not opponents. I think they are for real, but want to see them play a real team first before I crown them.
  8. South Florida - LW 9 - Looked better against NCST than Clemson, East Carolina, and South Carolina did. I don't know if that means anything, but it's good enough to be in the top 10 in my mind.
  9. Florida - LW 4 - Crushing loss to Ole Miss. All facets of the game looked bad. Still, UF lost this game more than Ole Miss won it, with multiple turnovers after having none this year, and allowing a blocked extra point. This team needs to pull together as it can still accomplish all its goals with some help. Playing the worst team in the SEC this week might help.
  10. Georgia - LW 5 - In the most surprising result of the season in my mind, UGA got destroyed by Bama for a half before making the score look better in the second half. A ton of talent on this team, and a loss to a top 5 team doesn't kill your season. Still, just like UF, they have a lot of soul searching to do.
  11. Brigham Young - LW 11 - Continues to beat up on subpar teams, but that's what good teams do. Looks like the cream of the BCS busters this season.
  12. Auburn - LW 13 -Another ugly game against UT this time. Still, with that defense, Auburn should be in every game they play this season. A big game with Vandy this weekend (who would have ever thought that sentence would be typed some day).
  13. Kansas - LW 14 - Still winning game as others falter. With as strong as the Big12 is, this team has a chance to make some noise in the national picture. OOC schedule is still piss poor though.
  14. Ohio State - LW 15 - A lot of people are falling in love with OSU again. I don't see exactly why. Pryor has looked good no doubt, but after the shellacking by USC, they have had to so so performances against Troy and Minnesota. Where is all the excitement coming from?
  15. Wisconsin - LW 14 -Brutal loss at Ann Arbour. They completely blew this game. All is forgiven if they beat OSU this weekend though. If they win they are still in the drivers seat for the Big10 in my mind. If they lose they are all but done.
  16. Texas Tech - LW 16 - Most overrated team in the nation. Still haven't played a team with a pulse yet.I predict 4 Big12 losses and another bottom of the top 25 finish. Not bad, but a far cry from the top 10 ranking they are getting by most.
  17. Utah - LW 17 - A huge game against Oregon State this week. Can OSU pull an upset two weeks in a row or will they have a let down? I say Oregon State shocks the world again and gets their second huge upset in as many weeks.
  18. Virgina Tech - LW 24 - That ECU loss is looking more and more flukey. This is never a team to write off. Should be the ACC favorite as of now.
  19. Fresno State - LW 19 - Not looking great against Toledo, but a let down was expected after a tough loss. This team still can do big things this season. Needs to win out though.
  20. Vanderbilt - LW 20 - Saturday might be Vanderbilts biggest game ever. Gameday is going to be there (okay, I finally believe in SEC bias) and Vandy has a chance to make a statement and let the nation know that they're for real and not a byproduct of a weak schedule and playing the SEC. Good luck!
  21. North Carolina - LW 22 - Great win against Miami. Has a great shot in the ACC this year and would have been set if they hadn't folded against Virginia Tech. Still going to surprose a lot of people though.
  22. Connecticut - LW 21 - Yes they're winning, but they aren't looking good doing it. They are the darkhorse pick for Big East champion, but I see them losing a minimum of two game in the conference and likely more. Still, they're undefeated and have done as much as any other team at the bottom of the top 25 and deserve to be ranked.
  23. Boise State - LW 25 - Beating Oregon won't look as good later in the season. Will probably make a BCS bowl with an undefeated season, but I hope they lose, because I don't think they deserve it this year. If Fresno beats them and wins out otherwise I think they should get a spot.
  24. Oklahoma State - LW UR - T. B. Pickens should be proud right now. His alma mater has taken care of business and they have a chance to do big things in a loaded Big12. The schedule is tough, but it also provides much opportunity. I think they're defense needs to improve if they're to contend in the Big12 though.
  25. Michigan State - LW UR - Javon Ringer is my top Heisman running back now and as long as he is leading this team they are dangerous in the Big10.

Jacquizz Rodgers
- Amazing performance against USC. Almost single handily beat the men of Troy. My favorite performance of the year so far.

On the cusp:

  • Illinois - I was high on Illinois, but am full of questions after a bad game against Louisianna Lafayette.
  • Wake Forest - Losing to Navy is almost inexcusable, but it doesn't hurt them in the ACC. It's still a good team, but not great.
  • Air Force - Playing in the MWC will give them a couple shots to beat some high profile teams. Even BCS teams don't want to play them though with their crazy offense.
  • Ball State - Don't know a lot about this team, but they have done what they need to do and I'll pay more attention as the season goes on.
  • Kentucky - Huge game against Bama. They should get slaughtered, but if they win the SEC might end up being 8 deep this year and definitely 6 deep at worst.

East Carolina (23) - Cinderella has turned into a pumpkin and been dropped from the third story. It has gotten ugly.
Wake Forest (22) - ABOVE
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The Best Damn Poll In The Land: Week 3

I have never watched more football in a single week. I saw every possible second of college football this past week/weekend. UNC/RU, USF/KU, MSU/FAU, UGA/USC, UT/UAB, USC/OSU, UW/FSU, ASU/UNLV. I also loved every second of it.

Some great games and some of my feelings on certain teams got confirmed (OSU, ASU) and some were debunked (Oregon, BYU).

Can't wait for another great week. Although I can do without Rocky Top. I might have to wear ear plugs during the game. Though whenever Brent Musberger does a game again I will do so as well. On to the rankings!
  1. Louisiana State - LW 1 - Manhandled North Texas, but QB play still unimpressive. First test next week at so far punchless Auburn. Should be another 10-7 barnburner. Still, LSU is #1 until they lose.
  2. Southern California - LW 2 - What can you say? They're the team to beat again after thrashing OSU. Speed everywhere and Mark Sanchez is looking like a USC QB should. Miami is looking like a lock for this team.
  3. Oklahoma - LW 3 - Continues to dominate inferior competition. All facets of the team look great, but they do everyyear until the last couple games. On track for a titanic showdown with Mizzou in the Big12 Championship Game. TCU is an interesting game in 2 weeks.
  4. Florida - LW 5 - Defense looked great as they didn't give up a point, offense a no show again. The schedule starts for real this week with UT. Can't wait to hear Rocky Top. Many beers await.
  5. Georgia - LW 4 - There are definite concerns with this team, but I don't think reading to much into the USCe game is very useful. Spurrier always plays the Dawgs tough and UGA has had problems in the past with them, despite great teams. Remember, UF won it all in '06 and needed a blocked FG at the buzzer to beat USCe at home. However, the offensive and defensive lines need to do a better job, and UGA killed themselves with dropped pass. Better fix it quick with a trip to ASU who got caught looking ahead.
  6. East Carolina - LW 6 - I knew they would have a let down game against a better than expected Tulane squad. However I'm even more impressed with this team now. They toughed it out and managed to come away with a win on the road after two huge wins. This team looks to be the top BCS buster a long with BYU. Another BCS matchup next week with NCST and the schedule never gets really easy with a decent C-USA this year.
  7. Missouri - LW 8 - Put up PS3 numbers against another dog. Won't get tested until October and won't have a real test until Texas Oct 18th. I still am not in love with this team, though Chase Daniel should be 1 or 2 in the Heisman race right now. Jeremy Maclin is a beast as well.
  8. Texas  - LW 9 - Prayers go out to all those in Texas affected by the storm. Good luck in the recovery.
  9. South Florida - LW 12 - Great game against Kansas. Both teams deserved to win. USF is my darkhorse national title contender. Should be favored in every game except for maybe the last one in Morgantown. Groethe has matured and can lead this teams to the top. What happened to the defense though? I just think Kansas offense is that good.
  10. Wisconsin - LW 14 - I would not have dropped them much if they had lost to Fresno as they seemed to have a couple very bad calls go against them and really controlled the game. The passing game looked good and makes this a dangerous, and balanced, team. My preseason Big10 champ pick is looking good, although Penn State is looking good as well.
  11. Alabama - LW 15 - Another blah game against an overmatched opponent. Looking good opening up SEC play. Real test is in two weeks at UGA.
  12. Penn State - LW 16 - Penn State has been one of the more impressive teams so far this season. Too bad Joe Pa is classless for running it up on a team of teenage girls. Oops sorry, that was Syracuse, my mistake. The resemblance is striking though.
  13. Brigham Young - LW 23 - Big jump after the dismanting of UCLA. I wasn't sold on this team after two poor performances, but they convinced me now. I wasn't buying into UCLA, but still, beating an average BCS opponent 59-0 is just incredible. Could come down to the end with them and Utah for a BCS bowl berth.
  14. Auburn - LW 11 - It might just be me, but I don't think Auburn has mastered the spread yet. The defense is still great though, and the play calling has been pretty conservative. We'll see how good Auburn is next week with the defensing champions coming to town.
  15. Kansas - LW 10 - I was really impressed with their offense against a fast USF defense. They are the best one loss team in my mind. Reesing was going to be my POW until USF's great pass rush forced a late Reesing interception. I think this is the only team that can keep Mizzou out of the Big12 championship game, and I think they will.
  16. Ohio State - LW 7 - I was lower on OSU than most. They have been trashed enough so I'll be brief, but it really does look like OSU has been overrated for a while. This is still a good team, but find BuckEyeTodds post on OSU to see a great analysis that I agree completely with. OSU could rebound and win the Big10, but if they win out and make the NC game, expect a revolt from the CFB proletariat.
  17. Texas Tech - LW 17 - Now that OSU got exposed, this is the most overrated team in the nation in my mind. I do not see where the love for this team is coming. Not a single notable win. Until they beat a couple of the big four teams in the Big 12 this team is no better than the bottom of the top 20 in my mind. That said, Graham Harrell is a very good QB.
  18. Florida State - LW 21 - Keeps plodding along against low quality 'competition,' but still looking good while doing it. Class of the ACC in my opinion Big game against the best two teams in the ACC next week. Can Wake make it three in a row versus the Garnett and Gold?
  19. Utah - LW UR - Big jump into the polls after a pasting of one of the worst FBS schools in Utah State. Maybe this team was more than just Urban Meyer and Alex Smith. A lot of good ball players on this team and they really spread the wealth. Should be an entertaining game against Air Force next week.
  20. Fresno State - LW 13 - Had Fresno overranked last week, but they still look like a solid team against Wisconsin (although they also had some homecooking going). They have the talent to compete with the top teams, but their BCS dreams are likely over.
  21. Wake Forest - LW 22 - Week off to prepare the early ACC game of the year. No way they beat FSU three years running, right?
  22. Oregon - LW 25 - Really impressed me by hanging tough and coming back to beat Purdue, although they needed a little luck (and bad Purdue coaching) to get it done. The injury to Roeper seems signifigant though and I still don't think this is a top 15 team like some do.
  23. North Carolina - LW UR - My sleeper pick this year. I dropped them from 25 after a disappointing game against McNeese State, but they seemed to correct their problems against Rutgers. With the state of the ACC the way it is, this team can make some noise. Now, don't lay an egg against Virginia Tech.
  24. Connecticut - LW UR - I was NOT a believer of this team after two less than impressive performances against weak competition. However they worked over Virginia as bad as USC did and deserved to be ranked so far. They have a very good defense, but if their offense performs like it did yesterday, the Big East better watch out!
  25. Vanderbilt - LW UR - This ranking feels good. Vandy deserves to get some recognition for being the only academic all-star in the SEC. However this isn't charity. They have beaten some pretty decent competition and I think they are equals right now of the teams left off for them. I'm sure this ranking doesn't last long though as SEC play starts in earnest.


Javon Ringer
- Completely carried MSU against FAU in rain and muck on an ugly day in East Lansing. Had a career day and deserves a second straight POW award.

On the cusp:

  • West Virginia - They dropped 6 spots after not playing, but when thinking about it, no way they deserved being ranked over several undefeated teams after an insipid showing against ECU. Plenty of time to move back up the rankings though.
  • Illinois - I was high on Illinois, but am full of questions after a bad game against Louisianna Lafayette.
  • Virginia Tech - Good win against GaTech, but big game vs. UNC next week (who would have thought that?)
  • Clemson - Underwhelming win against the dregs of the ACC in NCST. This team just might not be very good.
  • Tennessee - See what happens when you run the ball UT? Now please go back to using the UCLA gameplan this week.


  • Illinois - LW 18 - Analysis above
  • West Virginia - LW 19 - Analysis above
  • Arizona State - LW 20 - Maybe they were looking ahead, but wow. Should never lose at home to UNLV. Pac10 took a beating.
  • Virginia Tech - LW 25- Analysis above

Way Too Early Heisman Ballot:

  1. Mark Sanchez - Surgical against OSU. I'm still impressed with his dislocated knee. Frontrunner unless USC loses.
  2. Chase Daniel - Might be the best QB in the nation, but I want to see him do it against some real teams first.
  3. Tim Tebow - Hasn't done anything to lose the Heisman but needs some big performances in SEC play and a NC game berth to win it again.
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